Solar Powered Cabins In The Wild

Many of us have probably considered buying a little piece of land near the Canadian Rockies and building a vacation cabin there. However, since it is way out in the wilderness, the cabin will most likely not have access to the electrical grid and have zero power supply. And you can forget about paying to extend access to the electrical grid because it will cost you a fortune. Diesel generators are too noisy and can be quite a task to maintain. So how can you make this dream of yours a reality? Have a life in town making your living and a vacation cabin in the woods? Well, here’s a solution: build an off-grid solar-powered cabin.

Off Grid Solar Cabin  Off Grid Solar Electric System

Your off-grid solar electric system will generate solar power during the day when the Sun is out shining and your battery system will store excess solar power for night usage.

Here’s how it works:

Off Grid Solar Electric Systems - How It Works

Our off-grid solar kits are designed specifically to provide solar power to remote locations such as hunting, fishing, or vacation cabins as well as remote cottages, fire towers and ranger stations. These off-grid solar home kits will provide electricity in areas where it is otherwise impossible, impractical or cost-prohibitive. These systems require little maintenance once installed and are much more cost effective than having the main electric grid brought to your cabin’s location.

SkyFire Energy - Off Grid Solar Electric Kits
Well, if you’d like to power your cabin or home with solar, you know where to find us. Have a great summer and enjoy the outdoors while it’s still warm out!