Solar for Oil & Gas Producers

Generating on-site solar power is a low risk, economically viable investment for your oil or gas facility that will reduce your carbon compliance costs associated with both the Clean Fuel Standard and the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Regulation.

Reduce carbon compliance costs and meet your ESG goals with solar PV.

We provide simple, easy to understand economic analysis as part of every solar proposal. This proposal will be specific to your business, its electricity rates, service type, wires service provider and solar system specifics. Let us show you how harvesting solar can help you reduce the operating costs for your oil and gas business and meet your regulatory requirements.

Hiring the best means proven quality in both services and products.

As the leading solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) firm in Western Canada, we have:

  • Designed and installed the largest and most complex commercial solar panel systems in Western Canada
  • Connected solar PV systems to more than 20 utilities in 8 provinces and territories
  • A team of professionals with over 200+ years of combined experience and education in the solar industry

Every system that we install is engineered to fit your site, your budget and your goals.

Financial and environmental benefits of solar for your oil & gas business:

  • Generate compliance credits for the Clean Fuel Standard and reduce the carbon intensity of your fuel
  • Meet your firm’s ESG goals with a low risk investment
  • Reduce carbon compliance costs associated with the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Regulation in Alberta
  • Reduce corporate income tax with the accelerated capital cost allowance for the solar investment
  • Decrease operational costs and volatility of electricity expenses

Worry free energy solution with genuine customer care.

Solar PV is incredibly reliable and low maintenance. All of our systems include product warranties of 10 – 30 years ensuring decades of free electricity with minimal maintenance requirements. We installed our first grid tied system in 2001 and plan to be here for decades more to honour our warranties.



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