Western Canada

Canada's Refundable Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for Renewables

January 24, 2023: Canada’s Investment Tax Credit (ITC)  was introduced in the 2022 Fall Economic Statement by the federal government. This incentive targets clean technologies including solar PV, battery storage and hydrogen.  The goal for this incentive is to enhance the country’s competitiveness. It will make Canada more attractive to investors and level the playing field with the […]

Tesla Powerwall

February 21, 2020:     As Western Canada continues its shift to clean energy sources like solar power, curious customers (and future SkyFire Energy customers), are starting to ask more questions about solar plus storage. After all, if the majority of solar power occurs during the day, and most people are at work during the day, people want […]

February 13, 2020: Ian Magill is a Master Electrician and team lead at our Calgary office. In Canada, it is rare to find an electrician with as much solar installation experience. SkyFire was lucky enough to hire Ian in the spring of 2019 and as a Master Electrician, Ian brings a wealth of experience, dedication and hard work […]

February 12, 2020: It’s tough to miss the sudden surge of electric vehicles happening in the world right now. Where the iconic T shaped Tesla logo used to feel noteworthy, something to mention to another passenger in the car, at this point Teslas and their EV competitors are becoming commonplace. As electric vehicles themselves proliferate, the supporting infrastructure […]

January 13, 2020: Concerns with climate change quickly morphed into a climate emergency in 2019 and the likelihood that these growing concerns are going to diminish or vanish altogether appears unrealistic at best. One could likely surmise then that the new Federal Carbon Levy (or some form of) which was introduced in Saskatchewan in 2019 and in Alberta […]