The Status of Solar Rebate Applications in Alberta

The carbon levy has been a source of funding for energy efficiency and solar rebates that many Albertans have taken advantage of since January 2017. As part of the Climate Leadership Plan, revenue from the carbon levy was used to pay for initiatives that reduce emissions and support adaptation and transition to a lower carbon economy. Solar PV was one of the technologies that were eligible for rebates.

Since the change in leadership, Alberta’s governing UCP party has fulfilled their campaign promise to repeal the carbon levy at the end of May 2019. Unfortunately, hundreds of applications for solar rebates to Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA) have been stalled as anxious homeowners and businesses wait for direction from the UCP.

As of May 22, 2019, EEA has officially stopped accepting applications. SkyFire’s assumption is that EEA continues to assess funding, including monitoring projects which are being canceled or scaled back. SkyFire remains hopeful that additional approvals could be forthcoming depending on updates to approved projects.

SkyFire has been relentlessly advocating for the solar and renewable energy industry since our inception more than 18 years ago. SkyFire has been advocating for the industry throughout the lead up to the Provincial election. Our hope was that we could help negotiate a seamless transition from rebates knowing that the abrupt ending of a rebate program can be devastating for the industry. This may still happen.

Regardless of whether a transition is in the cards for Albertans, it is important to note that solar PV need not rely on rebates. The cost of solar has come down rather dramatically over time and the days where investment into solar PV either would not or likely would not be returned, this is no longer the case. As an organization, we have seen many ups and downs in this industry (what is often referred to as the “solar coaster” and our experience tells us this industry will continue to thrive regardless of politics and policies.

To be certain, SkyFire continues to advocate on behalf of our customers with respect to Alberta’s Residential and Commercial Solar Programs. SkyFire will advise at the earliest opportunity with respect to the direction of the Program and those seeking a positive outcome.

If you have decided to move forward whether you receive an incentive or not, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-593-4731 or by filling out this contact FORM.