January 31, 2013: What has 45 kW of inverters, 30 000 pounds of batteries, and enough capacity to power an average home for almost a month?? The answer is the custom built SunDragon system, commissioned for the Department of Defense. Oh, and did we mention it can be packed up within the sea-can shipping container in under 15 […]

July 30, 2012: It has been just about 6 months since the installation of the 60.6 kW solar array in the Northwest Territories and I think this is an appropriate time for some reflection on the largest solar system in Canada’s North. As I sit by the lake in the plus 35C weather of Orillia, Ontario, I think […]

March 11, 2012: Canadian winters are synonymous with snow so it is important that consideration be given for the effects of snow on winter and year round energy production from solar electric and solar thermal systems.  Although clearing the snow from a solar array can help you squeeze a few more kiloWatt-hours (kWh) from your solar PV system, […]