SkyFire Energy Takes a Shine to Saskatchewan – The Regina Office is Now Open!

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Photo: SkyFire 89.7 kW Commercial PV System in Carlyle, SK

It is with great excitement that SkyFire Energy announces our expansion into Saskatchewan! While SkyFire has serviced Saskatchewan for years from our Alberta locations installing projects such as the 90kW project in Carlyle, SK shown in the photo here, we are pleased to now have local staff to provide an even better experience to our clients.








Why Saskatchewan?

For those of you wondering why we are broadening our reach to Saskatchewan, allow us to explain our decision.

Saskatchewan, Solar, SkyFire, Energy, Net-Metering, Rebate, Solar Rebate

PV Potential Canada

Reasons to enter the Saskatchewan market:

  • SkyFire Energy recognizes Saskatchewan as one of Canada’s best solar regions with a good regime for grid-tied solar PV via Net-Metering
  • Due to Saskatchewan’s high electricity prices, installing solar will help consumers to cut back on their energy expenses
  • Saskatchewan has a carbon-intensive grid – solar PV installations here provide a significant opportunity for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint
  • SaskPower’s pricing regime offers customers stable and predictable pricing, which can be used to reliably predict the return on investment and years to pay back for a solar PV system
  • The extensive history in Saskatchewan with agriculture and the cooperative model is consistent with what SkyFire offers our customers. As Canada’s only member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, we believe strongly in cooperative values
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Regina, Solar, Solar Rebate, Net-Metering Rebate, Solar Energy,

Photo: SkyFire 9.9 kW Residential installation near Swift Current, SK

About Net-Metering


  • SaskPower credits your excess power produced and exported to the grid
  • Any unused power is banked as a credit in your SaskPower account up to one year; and
  • Your power credits are maximized to the type of energy technology you choose.


Residents, farms, and businesses with the ability to generate up to 100 kW (dc) capacity.

For more information on SaskPower’s Net-Metering Rebate, click here.


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