Horizon Housing Goes Solar for Free, Thanks to the Support of Local Community Efforts

Horizon Housing is delighted to be able to invest more dollars towards safe, quality, affordable homes for Calgarians in need, now that they are generating their own free solar power. With the help of Heart & Solar and their installation partner SkyFire Energy, Horizon Housing will be saving on electricity costs over the next 25+ years at Horizon View, in Glamorgan which provides affordable housing for 200 vulnerable Calgarians.

“In order to build a life one needs a home first,” says Martina Jileckova, CEO of Horizon Housing. 

Horizon Housing works to ensure every Calgarian has a place to call home. Since 1976, they have been providing affordable, integrated and supportive homes for Calgarians. They serve families and individuals with a variety of special needs, including those with mental health and mobility challenges, the working poor and those leaving addiction, homelessness and domestic violence.

Horizon Housing can expect to save over two thousand dollars on its electricity bill in the first year after installation, with more savings to follow for the next 25 years or more. Every dollar saved in operating expenses equals more funds available for their core activities and services. Their 30 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system was provided free of charge, thanks to Heart and Solar, a registered charity that raises funds to provide solar PV systems to local charities to help reduce their long-term costs and allow for sustainable operations. Heart & Solar is a charity composed of a team of young lawyers who are volunteering with no administration costs.  

Heart & Solar’s installation partner, SkyFire Energy, installed the rooftop solar PV system on Horizon View at a discounted rate and is offering a lifetime operations and maintenance (O&M) package to ensure hassle-free ownership for Horizon Housing.

“As a certified B Corporation, SkyFire Energy believes in giving back to the community and supporting people and the planet,” says SkyFire Energy’s CEO David Kelly.