Fort Simpson, NT 43kW System: Interactive Data from Enphase Energy

A couple months back, we announced the completed installation of Phase 2 of our Northwest Territories Power Corporation airport solar array in Fort Simpson, NT. The 43kW system adds to the 60kW system installed at the same site by SkyFire Energy in 2012 and makes it Canada’s largest solar PV system North of 60°.

The system is now live and public on the Enphase Energy website so individuals can monitor the production of the system daily, weekly, monthly and by lifetime production. Since February 15 of this year, the system has produced 5.77MWh of energy, enough to power 191 houses for one day! Pretty impressive for the dead of winter so far north – we’re looking forward to monitoring system production as the days continue to lengthen. Check out the site and play around with the data it presents.

Click here for link to Phase 2 webpage.

Also, click here for Phase 1 of the Fort Simpson airport project.

Production Details

Production Graph

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