Emissions Reduction Alberta Offers $55 Million of Commercial Solar Incentives to Small and Medium Sized Businesses in Alberta

Note: The Emissions Reduction Alberta program has been fully subscribed for commercial incentives. No more applications are currently being accepted. 

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) has launched a new Energy Savings for Business Program (as of February 1st, 2021). The program offers funding opportunities to support small-and medium-scale commercial and industrial businesses and is awarding up to $55 million for cost-saving and emissions-reducing projects.  These commercial solar incentives can save businesses thousands of dollars on solar systems.

To say that this announcement came as a complete surprise is an understatement. With the cost of installed solar PV now being so low and cost-competitive, the odds were that we would not see another made in Alberta rebate program. Without question, this incentive will be a gift for those businesses with the ability to move forward with a professionally installed system in 2021 and will further enhance the economic returns for your business. 

The details for Solar PV include:

Solar PV Must:

  • Comply with Microgeneration Regulation (Alberta Reg 27/2008). Submission of Form A is required before project pre-approval. The interconnection approval is received within one year of the application date.
  • Minimum solar yield must be 75% of a system design with optimal azimuth and tilt at that location.
  • The installation contractor must be a member in good standing with Solar Alberta, the Canadian Renewable Association, or the Electrical Contractor Association of Alberta. 
  • Must comply with the “Additional Eligibility Requirements for PV Systems” within the Participant Terms and Conditions.
  • For incentive determination, the system size will be determined at: Less than 15 kW, $0.65 to a maximum of 25%, and for systems 15 kW to 2 MW. $0.50 to a maximum of 25%.


Given the significant interest in solar PV (among other technologies and retrofits), we do not expect that these commercial solar incentives will last long. If you have an interest in a PV system, please reach out to SkyFire at your earliest opportunity to discuss your goals and objectives and we will provide you with the information that you need to make a qualified decision.


Contact: 1-877-593-4731 or fill out this form.

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