Can Multi-Unit Residential Buildings Get a Piece of the Sun Too?

In the past, large multi-unit buildings used to be metered as one large customer and electricity charges for individual units would be included as part of their monthly condo fees. This would allow the building owner or condo association to invest in a solar PV system that is optimally sized for the entire building. Multi-unit residential buildings now tend to have individual meters for each unit, requiring the system to be sized to the annual energy demand of each individual meter. In some cases, this may result in an undersized solar PV system or additional expenses due to multiple separate systems being tied to different meters. Considering the uniqueness of each multi-unit residential building, it is rather difficult to generalize about how the micro-generation regulations impact each and every multi-unit residential building. However, there are two solutions that often work for most multi-unit buildings. This publication by Pembina clearly articulates the differences between connecting a solar PV system to common load meters and individual unit meters. We have also created an info graphic which gives you a quick snapshot of the article.

Solar PV for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings